Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Staging Virginia's Dining Area

Hi everyone.  It is hot-o-la in Raleighwood.  Hope you are fairing better.  The humidity and mosquitoes are making it difficult to spend time outdoors.  The real estate market continues to be busy--thus keeping moi busy.  Hard to believe I was a lazy slug just a few short weeks ago.

I digress.  Here is Virginia's dining room after staging.
The house has an open floor plan.  The kitchen is on the other side of the bar stools (right hand corner of picture).  The family room is in the adjacent area.  My staging goal was to make this a more designated space as a dining 'room' versus an 'area'.  Since it is the only dining space in the home I wanted show that it could accommodate many people (if you added table panels and chairs). 
Love this runner!  Picked it up a Ross for $7.  Sooooo lovely with Virginia's two tiered metal baskets and my signature Granny Smiths....The candlesticks came from World Market.  (Dang! I never remember to light candles for pictures--probably because it was 100 degrees and daylight.)

Here's the dining area before.

 I turned the table allowing more space on either side. I brought in the etageres from the kitchen to flank the windows.  You can see I went a bit crazy with metal work.  The metal arch over the windows centered with the table worked out absolutely fabulous. Thanks Jim-V's DH, for hanging it.  StagerLinda was to chicken climb the ladder and hang that sucker!  (I would have been dead it I'd said, "no, I don't think so--take it down.)

The bottom of the chair seats is woven, as are the shelves of the etageres and the bamboo bar stools.

Ain't it cra-cra how I get high from coordinating pieces?

Here is a centerpiece I just finished.  Remember when I made a similar one for Realtor Sandi's dining room?  Well, her Mama took a shine to it and wanted a similar one.  Finding a boat vase was a mission. Then, wouldn't ya know, the same flowers were nowhere to be found.  I bought tons of  stuff, tore it up, then arranged and rearranged.
Hey y'all, thanks.  I am SO GRATEFUL for all of my readers.  I know I'm delinquent with posts.  Can't seem manage to put something out if my heart ain't into it because I'm busy or distracted.

Love y'all!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Staging Virginia's Kitchen

Big changes were made in Virginia's kitchen.  The good news is that none of them were expensive.

This cute and cozy little Bistro set was placed in front of the windows.  It replaces a rather hefty butcher block island that floated in the middle of the floor.  Buyers LOVE large kitchens.  I wanted this kitchen to look as large as possible.  Late summer is the perfect time of year to purchase a bistro table and chairs on sale.

I also moved the pair of metal etageres flanking the windows into the dining room. The etagers added to the cramped feel of this kitchen.There was a bevy of counter top appliances, utensil holders, and accessories in this kitchen. We transferred boxes and boxes of stuff into storage.  I made two fresh floral arrangements from $16 grocery store flowers and greenery from Virginia's yard.  I bought the large urn and smaller vase at a consignment shop while vacationing.  
I removed all the little doodads on top of her cabinets. Yes, that is a leftover Christmas Poinsettia on the island trying desperately to hang on.  RIP Poinsettia.  It went to the backyard compost.

This is the kitchen during transition.  Look how large it is! 
This is a better picture of the cool pottery I used for the flower arrangements.

 Here is a wee counter top vignette. Using a see through glass canister creates the illusion of more counter space. 
I love to add edibles when staging.  I think it sends a subliminal message of 'this is a fun house'.  We went for jelly beans.

Next posting, I'll reveal the dining room!

Friday, July 4, 2014

Thank You for My Freedom

While I am enjoying a hotdogs, a cold beer and fireworks our armed forces are fighting for my freedom.

God Bless our soldiers.

Happy Independence Day!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Bye Beach & Staging Virginia's Master Bath

Back from vacation!
Oh, how I miss this view from my 3rd floor ocean bedroom.


God bless my realtors, they waited for me to return.  I've lots of work to keep me busy.

When last I left you on Virginia's house, we were finishing up the Master Suite.  They have a large dressing area with two sinks.  Here is how it looked before staging.  Pretty typical.

I only added a few candles, a tray of soaps and bath oils on the vanity.  Burgundy candle holders and towels were used to give this area a pop of color and tie the bath in the the master bedroom.

I've been on this silver kick lately.  The silver tray on the vanity coordinates with the mirror, fixtures and cabinet knobs.

The bathtub, shower and toilet are in the adjoining room.  The walls are a pinkish color (no, they didn't want to change any paint colors).  I wanted to distract from the wall color.

You've seen this huge picture used over and over in many of my houses. This colorful canvas is one of my favorite staging props.  I placed a silver bowl with facecloths on the back of the tank.  There is a silver soap dish on the corner of the tub.  Told you, I am lovin' me some silver.
This picture is very versatile!  I hang it this way, that way and the other way.  Who says there is only one way?

Have a great 4th!

Monday, June 23, 2014

Staging Virginia's House -- Sunroom

Happy Monday!  Hope you had a grand weekend!  I'm still at the beach on vacation.  Another great aspect of my job is that I can write Consultation Reports anywhere.  Since I take the month of June off, my clients send me pictures and I write a report.  Works for me!

Attached to Virginia's Master Bedroom is her Sunroom.  Have to show the 'after' pix first, cuz you know the drill, it appears with the Post Title.
Sunroom After
My favorite item in this room--THE GREEN CANDLE HOLDERS~!  They were on sale at ZGallerie and a must have.  I loaded this room with lots of accessories. (Tisk, tisk, StagerLinda got carried away.)  I wanted it to look fun yet cozy.


Virginia had purchased pillows to put on her deck.  I swooped them up to use in here.  The (tres ugg-o) couches were matching.  I banished one sofa to storage.  On the other sofa, tried a sheet 'slipcover' solution.  Ding, ding, ding! Winner, winner, chicken dinner. Big result for no $$.



Looks kinda fresh and tropical, no?

Found this 'Before' exterior shot of Virginia's house while they were doing updates.  It just cries "REDNECK FRONT YARD"!  Ha!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Staging Virginia's House -- Master Bedroom

My BFF and neighbor is moving.  Virginia and I have been friends for eons.  We share many of the same interests but interior decorating is not one of them. Virginia's style is function and comfort.  Y'all will see exactly what I mean as I unravel each room and I share my story of staging her home. Below is the exterior of her house after a new paint job and landscaping.  Hope I can get before a before picture to show--trust me, the new colors are a BIG improvement.
Exterior - After Painting and Landscaping
We decided to start the staging with the master bedroom. Virginia said she was game for anything I suggested.  We shopped and shopped and spent a lot of her money so she could take her purchases to her new home. Here is my friends' sad bedroom.

Master  Bedroom Before
Yep, those are bras on the coat tree in the corner. The blue carpeting was buckled and faded.  We replaced it with a light grey carpet.
Master Bedroom After
Master Bedroom After
Master Bedroom Before
Master Bedroom After
Here's our accessory list:
Grey and White print Bed-N-A-Bag -  Kohl's
Mercury Glass Bedside Table Lamps - HomeGoods
Red Throw Pillows - Pier 1
Lumbar Pillow with Flower - my staging stash
Red Flower Picture with Black Frame - TJ Maxx
2 Botanical Prints with Black Frames- Virginia's
Circle Artwork - Pier 1(on clearance!)
Small Upholstered Chair - TJ Maxx
Orange & Grey Print Pillow - Tuesday Morning
Small Side Table - my staging stash
Copper Pot with Silk Ferns & Ivy - my staging stash (It is covering a mass of electrical cords.)
Large Red Urn with Silk Orchids - my staging stash
Antique Black & White Fashion Drawing - A valuable piece that Jim & Virginia had in storage.
Braided Silk Ficus Tree in Iron planter- my staging stash

We took the large wooden traditional mirror off the back of the vanity. We needed a more contemporary look.  This side of the room also needed more light.  I removed the glass lamp filled with matchbooks and replaced it with a textured urn lamp from another room.  The lamp had an old, soiled bell shade on it. A new white drum lamp shade made gave it a more updated.

Virginia was thrilled with the staging.  Even husband Jim approved!  The next morning I received a text from Virginia:  "I woke up and realized my Fairy Godmother had visited and sprinkled fairy dust in my room and made it beautiful.  I can't stop smiling!"

Me either!

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The House I DID NOT Stage

Hi folks!  I'm on vaca now and was super busy before I left town. Hence the reason for the silence.
So here we go.  Remember the house I spent lots o' time and $$ but didn't stage.  Well, the deed is done and I wanted to share a few of the rooms.  The seller hired the biggest staging company in our area. They supply big time furniture. I use small furniture and accessories (lots and lots of accessories!)  I tried to refrain from comment (you don't have to) but couldn't resist including some of my staging set-up photos. It is fun and interesting to see how someone else stages!  Here's the reveal. Enjoy!
Remember the Funeral Home Foyer?  The Before is the same as the After.  It was not staged.  Below is the Living Room After. 
The Living Room Before.
The Sun Room After and Before.
Master Bedroom After
And the Master Bedroom Before picture.
(Remember all the 'stuff' I bought to put in the Master?)
The Master Bathroom was not staged.  Below is my 'stuff' I'd gathered for staging it.
Here is the Dining Room After staging.
Here's the Before.
I was gonna put these big boy candlesticks on that table.
 This Guest Room was not staged.
Here's some of the loot I bought to stage it.

The second floor bonus room was unfurnished.  The staging company relocated the formal living room furniture to stage this room. StagerLinda had no intentions of staging the vacant Bonus Room.  My philosophy has always been to 'hook 'em' on the first floor.

Bonus Before
 Bonus Room After

I LOVE that I was able to compare how I prepared to stage this house compared to how the staging company worked.  Everybody has a different approach. 

I will continue to market myself as a 'Boutique Stager'.